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Just what is a VA?

Well, a V.A., or Virtual Assistant, is someone that offers a range of support services (see Services page for list of services), whilst working remotely and a good V.A. is someone who is invested in the success of your business, going the extra mile to help drive your business by providing such support, using a skill set garnered from years of experience, and a resourcefulness to embrace the new, in an ever changing technological world.


A self-motivated, proactive, problem solver with a passion for delivering high quality, reliable, professional results.  A good V.A. will be empathetic, flexible, dependable and results focused.


Personally, I like to think of myself as a good V.A. and would welcome an exploratory chat to see what role I can play in assisting you to take your business to the next level.


Feel free to read through my testimonials from my client base of ‘converts’, nurtured from the field of the ‘hesitant’!!

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